I grew up in Manila, capital of the Philippines and one of the most crowded cities today. When I reached highschool, we had basic computer classes where I was exposed to C on 3rd year and visual basic on 4th year. Later I took electronics engineering in college where there are few minor courses on coding in C, assembly language and became exposed in mathematical algorithms. Eventually, I didn’t find a lot of interest in hardware and landed a job as programmer in an R&D firm where I coded using TCL/Tk to automate electronic circuit routing and simulation. As I started getting exposed to front end development, I decided to look for a better offer due to financial woes. I then became a systems integrator for a B2B company which is kind of clerical work. That was the turning point in my career where I decided to take coding seriously by attending a Java bootcamp. I eventually landed a junior position and pretty soon after 5 years, became a consultant for one of the biggest IT consulting firms in India. Since 2018, I have been deciding to build a project that can generate revenue but it was always put off due to life instances and family priorities. 2020 was when I came across Indiehackers. And now, I am trying to build my first MVP by reading about the stories on how to create profitable side income-generating businesses while balancing work and family.

Side note I like WordPress; the images render so fast, it’s easy to use. The user experience is top-notch, I fucking love it! It’s also PWA so it can be opened as an Android app icon. I denounce that I won’t be updating this personal blog site anymore. After I got caught up at work and merry-go life so much since early 2015, I’m finally back and will be posting more personal stuff.

Wanna know more about personal stuff ? Read on. Wanna check what I do? Visit my portfolio site.

Thanks and good day!

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