Daily Blog Experiment

Starting today, I will try to post here daily thoughts about experiences in life, family, work, ideas, etc. Just doing this as an experiment. I have typed in fifty three (53) text files stored in the local disk of my laptop and figured I could try something else.

Just to give you a background about myself, I’m twenty seven years old, single, male born and raised in Manila, Philippines. I am engineering graduate for De La Salle University Manila. I started my career as programmer 5 years ago for a semiconductor company where I worked on developing an in-house software used by electronics engineers for simulating and testing circuits and components. July of 2013, I became a Systems Integrator where I setup B2B connections for clients and their trading partners in Cloud environment using EDI standards. Dec of 2014 was when I resigned from work to take a vacation and self-study to pursue a back-end software developer role. Fortunately, after all the hurdles and bumps along the road, I finally got accepted as Java Developer in the country’s top telecommunications company, Smart. I’m thrilled for my first day on Monday, July 6, 2015.

As I write here, I’ll keep a promise to keep this site nearby to give an update on what can happen in the next 24 hours. 🙂 ‘Til then, happy coding.. err blogging.