31st August, 2015

Today, I was able to create a service for download feature of web app. I also created some diagrams modeling our project’s code structure similar to UML using draw.io.

The highlight of the day was that I was able to make friends with developer from an Indian startup company for Big Data. We talked briefly before lunch about his professional experience and the times he’s visited the Philippines while working for IBM. Given that he needs to send an rpm bundle via the mother network, I gave him a hand by lending him my flash drive to transfer the file to my local machine and wiring via WinSCP. I also got to learn about how guest OS (e.g. CentOS, Ubuntu) using VM, could exchange files with host OS (e.g. Mac) via a built in shared folder.

Overall I’ve learned a few things today and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds. That’s all for now. Stay hungry.

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30th August, 2015 (Sun)

At around 3PM today, we continued our car search around Otis area where satellite branches of Toyota, Kia, Honda and Mitsubishi can be found. Unfortunately, we were only able to check out Mitsubishi deals where we signed up for their financing plan which will be upon approval given our combined sources of income. Aside from verifying our employment/financial backgrounds by calling our current/previous organizations anytime on Tuesday, I and my brother should expect a call from the bank and/or dealer as well. If our credentials gets approved then there’s greater chances of landing the car loan.

Less than 20 minutes later, we were able to stroll around a nearby low-key mall along Otis. After a remittance transaction, dad’s 5-minute massage and some non-refrigerated drinks, we booked a leather-seated Vios 2015 model via Grab and headed to another mall to buy grounded coffee. Here are informative pics I took displaying four variants/species of roasted coffee beans produced in the Philippines:

4th and 3rd placer in sales. Lol!
Our 2nd placer and crowd favorite

BTW I’ll be coming to the office tomorrow to work on download feature of our web app.┬áThat’s all for now. Have a blessed Sunday and take care always everyone!


29th August, 2015

This morning I sent an email to our manager about going to office on Monday despite being declared as National Heroes Day to work on some features in Sprint 2. Amazingly, she replied in only within two minutes. For the whole afternoon, I was with my brother as we talked about future plans and decisions we both have to make for his new career and starting a small business. We went first to a clinic along Ayala, Makati to have his pre-employment medical test around 2:30 PM. As I waited sitting in the lobby, I read about the PEAA pdf copy in my tablet. With some drizzle pouring around 4PM, we went out, rode a bus to BGC and ate chicken joy at Jollibee along 3rd Ave. We then visited car shops, Ford and Kia. Here are some pics I took:

Ford Eco-sport 1.5 M/T
Ford Fiesta Hutch-back 1.5 M/T
Kia Rio 1.4 A/T
Ford Fiesta Sedan 1.5 A/T

We found great deals with these cars and definitely choose from any of them depending on future needs, reviews, price, perks and other vehicular factors. Currently we are still planning to visit other dealers to explore more options. We went home around 6PM via GrabCar and was advised by the driver to wait until late September for roll-out of 2016 models since there’s low price difference to consider in choosing the newest ones over their predecessors.

That’s all for now. Thank you very much. Take care and God bless!


28th August, 2015

Finally, we were able to finish Sprint 1 and launched the web app via server. After much trouble with establishing the staging environment, testing and preparing SIT document and testing, troubleshooting for proper setup of tools such as JBoss and Postgre database, with the help of SI team, web app can now run smoothly and will be endorsed for SAT with Test team next week. Along with that, we’ll continue developing changes for Sprint 2 which involves sending an HTTP request to an IP address that returns JSON format using RESTful web service. More details to come starting next week.

That’s all for now. Happy weekend to everyone!


27th August, 2015

The early morning was filled with joy after we were able to finally run a deployed war file in the JBoss Portal. Standalone.xml file’s <interfaces> tag needed to be changed to allow connection for management and public ipv4 address. Consequently new links must be added in the alternatives directory to point the environment to 1.7 copy of Java.

One of impediments we were also able to solve is how Bootstrap and other CDN will connect to our app without internet. So we obviously had to have copies in our remote directory sourced in the include file. And that will only take effect when running the root user for JBoss server.

For now we are still trying to connect our Postgre driver to the JBoss server by running test connections in the management port. Several impediments were encountered during this phase including being restricted to a running server after accidentally tampering with the ports in the server [SOLVED], failing to instantiate JAVA variable during initial JBoss boot up/standalone run [SOLVED: force instantiating the Java installation directory in the .sh script] and encountering this error:

“-bash-4.1$ psql
psql: could not connect to server: No such file or directory
Is the server running locally and accepting
connections on Unix domain socket “/tmp/.s.PGSQL.5432″?”

This was caused after turning off the Postgre DB, attempting to rev it back, and failing to start it again. I have found a workaround for this but the file that needs to be deleted is missing; the installation might not be done successfully. We have already talked to SI team and found out that there are two installations of Postgres. So a fresh postgres will be installed tomorrow morning to start anew and avoid running on “confused” database in environment.

That’s all for now. Good night!


26th August, 2015

Previous changes with deployment.xml were not backed up from SI’s changes which hindered how we’ll revert the error that messed up our access to port 9990 and 8080. There might be changes in other files that we were not able to revert to fix the problem. In other news, our Mercurial repository is now available using a mother company’s domain. We have also made some progress with Sprint 2 when it comes to sending HTTP request to another Service. The UI still needs to be fixed though. All plans for this week and next week are all ironed out. Hopefully we follow them so we can have be on track with the timeline. More details to come.

That’s all. Good night and take care.


Chocolate Grass – Better Than A Kiss Itself

I have known the vocalist personally but I’m not sure which music genre they belong to but as I listened to the track, I realized how good of a singer my friend is. She’s a native Cebuana and I’m blessed to jam with her during our college days. I even auditioned to her band as guitarist way back. Listen to the track and behold, our very own Pinoy jazz/shoe-gazer talent, Chocolate Grass!

25th August, 2015

Spending a lot of time figuring out how our staging environment will be setup by today. Same as yesterday, there are still inconsistencies with version producing 51.0 incompatibility error which only means the machine/JVM of staging environment is running a higher compiled war file in using its older JDK compiler. This happens during deployment. The workaround I have come up so far is to change versions Run configuration in STS, system and user variables for PATH and JAVA_HOME. Afterwards, the parent pom will be rebuilt using “mvn clean install -DskipTests” which will generate another war file in the target directory. Then the war file will be transfered again in deployment folder using WinSCP. It’s noticeable how the file will be deployed when “.deployed” will be appended on the war file. But checking the server logs, the error is with rt.jar which contains the older pre installed Java version. After that I tried to change the versions of JDK to lower version until it reached lower than 1.7 build 67 which still can’t fix it. I even changed the version of Spring core and context of pom.xml in some project directories which still yielded the same result. My new guess is that the class or dependent class itself might have jar dependencies that are way beyond 1.7. But most likely this has to do with the installation of JDK in staging which we’ll tackle tomorrow. For now I have to plan further and think what could be the solution to this.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading and God bless.