30th Septemberr, 2015

Just last night, I found out that John Arcilla, the lead actor from Heneral Luna share a kinship with our clan from Virac, Catanduanes. My dad told us how we have similar features such as having thick eyebrows, small nose and stone-faced serious look. He also uncovered a tome of our bloodline that showed evidence.


Today, we have setup the app in staging environment which enabled endorsement for initial testing and sending of SIT and API documentation. For tomorrow, our task is to submit all other documents with the help of our BA and team lead. That’s all. God bless!



29th September, 2015

For the past 86 days or almost 3 months I have been working as software developer for a startup, I have changed in many ways while I have rediscovered a lot about myself in such working environment.

  1. For the most part, it may come to the point that all the efforts you’ll do won’t be enough and time is a big factor for success and spending more hours as Elon Musk would put it, could increase chances for succes.
  2. Rolling with punches will always be a welcome blessing to those who need to give up a little bit to gain more.
  3. Copy-paste of line/s of code is inversely proportional to technical learning.
  4. Money doesn’t matter as much as health does.
  5. You gotta take what’s yours by always aiming high everyday.

While all the others are not quite easy to “unleash” here, I am pretty sure, the adverse effects could mostly be alotted to health and social lives. That’s all. Take care and God bless.


28th September, 2015

We’ve spent the whole day trying to review and test our API. I’ve added hard-coded values by storing predefined keys for validation of requests. We also needed to trigger a weaver jar to fix an error for beans. I’ve also added a code for auto-generation of timestamp / and reference numbers for each transaction. Tomorrow, our target is for full testing in staging environment. Lastly, we’ve consulted with our BA to hear about the features to be added in the next development phase of API. That’s all. God bless and drive safe!


25,26,27th September, 2015

I’ve spent most of 3-day weekend following an Android tutorial series in Youtube where I took time to learn basics of Android Studio IDE and building app with it. Frankly, the series were very helpful and easy-to-follow. Here is a screenshot of a sample meme app running in VM:


Saturday afternoon was when we watched a widely promoted Pinoy film, Heneral Luna in Robinsons Ermitta mall.

Looking forward this week, our target for our web app is for refactoring, stage deployment and endorsement for SAT with test team.

That’s all. Have a great week ahead!