Review On JHipster (Workflow Tool)

I’ve been busy exploring different full-stack development tools that can be used for building high-grade enterprise software for our company. This busyness eventually led me into my very own “no blog entry/post” November advocacy. In most articles about best ways to develop enterprise software, I found JHipster (created by French man, Julien Dubois) to arguably stand out. The stack comprises of both front-end and back-end technologies: Java’s Spring Boot, Spring Data and JavaScript’s AngularJS. The build tools would also include NPM, Bower, Grunt, Maven/Gradle and Liquibase. Data source could be both RDBMS or NoSQL which includes MySQL, Postgresql, MongoDB and Cassandra. Just like Spring Roo, the code is generated using Yeoman via command line on any operating system. As a developer, you might also read into non-verbose and well-written style of codes featuring best practices. Since this is a fairly new tool, everyone is encouraged to contribute as advertised.  Lastly, here is a sample web application I’ve uploaded. I look forward to creating such powerful tool for the open source community, as well, someday. That’s all. Keep dreaming big, always work smart and God bless!