Endless ~ Announcement of gravitational waves

I’m really excited of how this discovery will harness the possibilities of mankind in creating equipment/devices/machinery/gadgets by propagating and reproducing/replicating the energy from the gravitational waves. As per announcement (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5Ycv2yYNG8), this could open doors to not only improving people’s lives (3D mode of transportation on earth IMHO) but also for innovations like time travel, dynamics of outer space and reaching places to discover extra-terrestrials and witness mankind’s greatest potentials.



Future and Possibilities

I’ve always trusted what technology can do to mankind in both simple and profound ways. To give an update of what is happening with regards to my career and technology I’ve been handling since January, I’ve committed to learning Scala and Apache Spark in Big Data field. Just to give a brief description of the organization I’m part of today,  crunching the numbers for customer needs is the main task. The more numbers passed into visualization and presented, the more the revenue. At the advent of this field specifically in Machine Learning, there are endless of possibilities of what the numbers can be used via high processing machines to aid the needs of man even further. I’ve also been somehow sparking some interest with electronics again (since I’ve had some electronics background way back) and here are some almost Sci-Fi realizations and possibilities of what I ought to conceive of the Future:

Phase 1: Uploadable Self-Replicating Conscience

  • In the future we might encounter this concept of a voluntary program for a person to undergo monitoring of his/her habits, instincts and stimuli in the real world. Once data is recorded via visual and audio sensor, the result will be converted into an image file (probably an ISO, LOL) and uploaded into cloud. I’ve come to think of how the data structure would be composed of, but the contents will be analyzed and patterned after an existing service for measuring and analyzing human psychological and biological traits. This will in turn be allowed for public use. Imagine the conversational skills/tone and actions of well-known figures like 0b4m4 or Just1n B5ib5r being done by bots or even by a log-in website/interface!!!. It’s like creating billions of Siri for anyone to talk to and experience the actual person in real-time. The danger to this however, is for dupes to take over the real person by using important information against him. Security measures have to come first to prevent this.

Phase 2: Ownership of bots

  • Humans can have lazy traits by nature and having someone else to do mundane tasks for them is a solution that could be done with the use of bots. However, this is just the start. What if bots can be reprogrammed and perform tasks for wealth accumulation and have them take over our very own professions? Would that be fair to do those who won’t have and would more bots amount to more cash-generating results? How will security be addressed?

I’ve yet to research on the actual movement on these ideas but I’ll do some soon once I get free time. My friend told me that if you’ve thought of it right now, then somebody might have also thought of it but haven’t done it yet. That’s all for now. Take care and God bless!