2018 – how has it been so far

Thoughts rush like strong turbulence thinking how life-changing events went on from exactly a year from now. Firstly I met and started dating a wonderful girl towards end of April who will remain nameless for now. Secondly, there were a lot of hurdles for a whole year long in terms of managing work, love and life ambitions for a 30 year old IT professional; it hasn’t been easy of course. Thirdly, I was able to practice and teach mobile computing and Android development for senior highschool (K-12) students. Lastly, I’ve found new heroes, notable self-actualized “virtual” people anyone can idolize for any context at any point in their lives. The list include: Kaushik Gopal and Dan Felker (Fragmented android podcast), Marcus Aurelius (stoicism and the Meditations book), Wil Dasovic (YouTuber), Patrick Shyu (team lead YouTube channel), David Fox (devRant app creator), Yuna (dark pop band) and many more. Note that they are virtual since they are not directly related or a personal friend to me but they have inspired me to be become a more happy, innovative, smart, contented and hardworking man; they are just great talented individuals. Again, I won’t go really deep in any of these topics right now. Instead I would like to focus on the now. And as usual, I want to keep this direct and short.

Today has been productive. I was able to attend a Ruby (40th) year ceremony of ECES, the organization I became active in as a student. I watched as the org positions are being being handed down to next org leaders. More importantly, interacting with some faculty members (Engr. Oswald Sapang), past board leaders (Engr. Johnny Sy) and students gave me sense of pride and honor to be part of the former consecutive number one org in the whole university, as well as influential alumni group I am now part of. I will always come back to these roots to reconnect and to remind myself of how blessed I am and how each of us should go on and continue to pursue our passions for the love of our Lord above, aside from family and friends.

I could go on and on with my thoughts here all day but I need to get back to the grind later and sleep for now. I am just excited of the challenges life will throw at me. My prayer before I sleep will also go out to my loved ones and friends I haven’t reconnected for quite some time. For now, let’s keep positive and always remember that life is a big puzzle. Each day we find different bits and pieces to fit in our world to make us happier and complete. And lastly, that life is not a race, but a marathon. Let’s keep our pace and live each moment with grace and humility. God bless everyone.

Take care and I’m out,