Personal Q&A

Me: Hi there. Welcome. Please have a seat.

Myself: Thanks for having me

Me: So I’m going to ask a few questions and try to answer the best you can

Myself: Sure

Me: State your full name, your age and what you do for a living.

Myself: Hi, my first name is Eugene Sergio. Surname is de Los Santos. Middle name is Castro. I am 32 years old and I am an I.T. professional.

Me: Is that all? You sound boring. Hmmm, can you be more specific about what exactly you do. Not everyone can understand what I.T. means or why your name is Spanish and English influenced.

Myself: Ohh okay. I, uhh. I.T. basically is information technology where people like me are believed to fix computers or cellphones all day, at least, how people think here in the Philippines; there’s a bit of knowledge gap there for Filipinos. But actually I.T. is big and my specialization is software development.

Me: okay now, don’t get too ahead of yourself. So, how long have you been doing I.T.?

Myself: for about 9 years now.

Me: I see. Good to know. Well, I think we’re just about done here. Please proceed to the Boring department. Next!



Top things I miss in the real world – April 21, 2020

Top resto foods:

1. JTs manukan

2. Manginasal

3. Vikings Niu

4. Premier Samgyupsal

5. Frankie’s

6. Planas pantry

7. R&J bulaluhan

Top places to visit in PH:

1. Shangri-la mall Shaw

2. Greenbelt, Makati (tied with SM Megamall, Ortigas)

3. Rockwell powerplant mall

4. Salcedo Village, Makati

5. Lopues East, Bacolod

6. Anywhere in Marikina

7. Taal volcano, Batangas (RIP)

8. Market market mall (tied with SM aura)

Top on-demand beverages:

1. Starbucks dark mocha frappe

2. Ationgs Fruit Shake

3. Coco panda milktea

4. Mangogoyo – mango supreme

5. Black scoop – cranberry yoghurt

Top roads to drive or ride by:

1. NLEX (on the way to pampanga)

2. SLEX (on the way to tagaytay)

3. Palawan (on the way to Narra)

That’s all for now! Can’t recall everything not very recent. Grateful to visit and try these worldly things.



Catching up – Apr. 21, 2020

Good day, friends.

It has been a couple of months now since my last entry. Life has drastically changed as usual for everyone given the covid 19 pandemic and the safety measures the government and we, ourselves have placed to prevent it as our main priority. Given these happenings and the lockdowns implemented on majority of our cities, I had the privilege of time to write this very quick (I tend to use very quick a lot) – update on our current situation.

Just recently, we and my wife (oh, I haven’t announced her here yet) have moved to a new place outside of metro Manila and now waiting for her to give birth to her first baby boy. We’re going to name him “Ziggy Leif Cayden” and we cannot wait to meet him in person; he means the world to me and my wife right now. My close friends and family are excited, as well.

For my work, I am still employed with TCS (India’s largest technology consulting firm) and have been assigned to a *bleep* client in the *bleep* domain space. Most of my work still revolves around web and API backend application development using Java and JS Frameworks. I cannot give further details on work but I have working on multiple facets of technology from analysis, development, testing, CICD and organising cross-skilling sessions for other engineers. I think I have been in the industry for 9 years now but I still see that there are still a lot of room to grow professionally, right now; softskills are as valuable while becoming more senior in the field.

On my past time, I have been reading and studying about bootstrapping small SaaS (software as a service) businesses in websites like indiehackers and getting ideas from posted jobs in upwork. I also listen technology podcasts occasionally.

I still use Twitter a lot to share articles that looks interesting to me (not to most of my followers, sorry).

My wife is nagging me again and have to attend to her. Until next time!