Programming field – too saturated na?


I could go on rambling and become an expert in communicating Java concepts and write articles on how-to’s about Java 8, Spring boot features, OOP concepts, design patterns and probably, interview preparation guides. But I didn’t. Wanna know why? Because the market is too saturated with already excellent content from other coders around the world. Sites like Java Code Geeks, Baeldung, DZone and others (just to name a few) are already on top of every Google search and provides very helpful and useful information for everyone old or new in the software development field. Moreover, stack overflow and GitHub issue pages are already there to help with code debugging. So what else is left for those who just got inspired to write their own content to teach others? Probably, a YouTube videos or newsletters. Wait, did I just say newsletter? (Yes, I ignored YouTube videos because they are also saturated just like the above mentioned popular web static pages.) I believe with newsletters, there is always a personalized touch to reach more targeted audience and let them know market industry secrets in IT software writing/development field (bwahaha!!!).

The question now is, should I purse creating a newsletter for Java enthusiasts and newbies? Or should I just stick to my day job and support bureaucratic system forever? Give me a few moments to think this through. I’ll be back.

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