What I used to do for a living

I have a headache right now and I would like to get into a flow to write and force myself to just communicate to anything or anyone out there, in a vent way. I just happen to live a very busy life as a software developer for almost five years now. Getting in the first job, I was lucky enough to get accepted because before that, I was a systems integrator and not a lot of IT professionals can cross-skill given the limited development skills a SI could have in a span of a year or two. Being SI taught me more of a bird’s eye overview of the system’s ins and outs particularly where data is flowing and which subsequent processes are placed to handle files and do some parsing, encoding or if a script is being run to do all these. A lot of terminology like gateways and buses are mentioned to portray what is happening in each of the components in the system. Moreover, network communication protocols such as AS2, X400, FTP, SMTP and HTTP were introduced too me as to how each system components communicate with each other. So initially, I told myself, “well, cool. I get to work on these awesome IT concepts in the real life on a broad and generalized level”. It’s good to know especially when most of my colleagues back then took ECE, as well for their undergrad degree. I told myself, “cool, I get to relate with tons of people who cross skilled and became IT professionals even if their undergrad is engineering”. It sounded like a nice career as well, considering most of my ECE colleagues also took IT and we’re a good number of fresh graduates who were hired by big service-based companies like ACN and Emerson to work on random PaaS and enterprise SaaS companies back then such as PeopleSoft and most commonly, SAP. Some even took COBOL for legacy systems in mainframe. IT is obviously booming and seems to be the best option to take as a career for anyone even as prominent as today in the Philippines.

After some time, I just felt the routine has become bland and the pay isn’t that rewarding so so decided to do something. I just woke up one day and said, “I need to increase my career ROI. Being an SI isn’t gonna make a career that is fulfilling”. That’s when I decided to attend a Java bootcamp and see if I can make a career out of it. And the rest is history.

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