Tolerance to kids

Understand that every kid aged 4 and up are self-centered and has their own big world to explore. They could play with anything they see in plain sight (e.g. food, light switches, etc.). Withstanding them could be a pain for some anti-social adults who grew up with less social interaction because it’s not common to interact with them regularly. All the things they want to hear are the good stuff like they’re getting a treat or a reward and often times, they just like to hear the word “yes” whenever they ask for something they like to have. They cannot understand that not all situations are working in favour to them. In today’s time of social media, the world inside their heads are wrapped with melodic advertisement jingles from Jollibee and Ed Sheeran songs. Their diet and choice of YouTube shows should consist of foods and content that can give them tons of endorphins (e.g. unboxing of toys and candies). And you can’t blame them coz they need that. They crave constant attention so every new baby introduced to the family for them is a threat to the attention they get from their parents. There is no other way but to accept this universal truth and learn to live with it.

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