Shoulda, woulda, coulda mindset

Everyone at the right age and right appetite for information and curiosity gets in the phase where they feel that we have lost touch with themselves and even from the opportunities they could’ve stumbled on from the outside world .

Unrelated: Being stuck into a prolonged activity that is manual and uninspiring is just another way of putting it. Imagine being a fish who likes to swim in the water and being asked to climb a tree instead. It puts a person into a blackhole that seeps the creativity and general happiness. It suppresses the human spirit one way or another.

Two ways that trigger the “Should, woulda, coulda” mindset. The first one is Failure and the second one is FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

Failure lets the person taste a negative situation all because of his/her doing.

FOMO simply makes a person aware of what he/she might be missing in life to improve the overall quality of living.

In summary, people can go on different paths in their lives. The easy path or the hard path. Whichever they choose to pursue, it has corresponding consequences to them.

Personally, I am a software engineer who always experience the S.W.C. feels all the time. Thoughts like “I shoulda chosen a better company to work with, if I wasn’t given a good offer.” Other times, “I woulda started and done some cool SaaS (software as a service) business if only I am less busy with the soul-crushing work and allowed myself to become idle and take a receptive, safer path.” These thoughts just comes in almost everyday for me and I welcome them with open arms because they are just normal. I think it’s about my age and a better perspective in life that goes like, “I should just continue doing what I love or what makes me feel accomplished and fulfilled.” or anything that makes the online and software world a better place.

PS. I am working on the side for a pubic repo that showcases a basic microservice. Check it out!

That’s all for now. (Wife is calling me to take the kid to bath)



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