Dunno what I am doing here – mixed thoughts after doing a workout

I just updated the write-up of my welcome page here and earlier had ideas while taking a shower. (I got really distracted with the former activity) Now it’s time to figure out what I really intend to do today.

Hmmm, let me see. I just did my workout today around 7AM and was able to take a bath after. It was tiring but really worth the time; I learned that the appetite to do the important things comes after doing it in the morning. The rush of thoughts and ideas just naturally comes out.

One idea I could remember is about “chasing the future”. I think it can be a slogan for a tech initiative. Not related: In order to be successful, there should be a spark of inspiration that needs to take place. (Again, the morning routine helps. Simply, can’t deny it). Going back, I think I have to make some effort to learn Web3 and decentralization. One use case is when there are thoughts of having the consensus of a group of people to tell whether a news is fake, irrelevant, or not substantial enough. I think no one should waste their time. There should be an action bias once we consume the information thoroughly. IT should resonate with a person for her/him to take action or simply call out people to do so. I might be going through random thoughts and letting them out prematurely, to be honest. Maybe I should set something up more realistically. And in particular, my deliverables for Dailynewsound.

I was thinking of changing its name to Dailynewspeak with two mountains on top of each other as the company logo. Let me check Canva and set a reminder.

I also thought of Jordan Peterson and how one should be best friends with Google Calendar to plot the daily tasks per minute, hour, or period of focus.

One last thing I can gather here is to look back on all my notes of the vision I have for Dailynewsound; dunno if this will work because I hear a lot from guys like Elon Musk and Eric Ries that it is better to do iterations and incremental development of a product based off of the users’ opinions and feedback. I guess I’d have to rely on my own intuition for now before I can share it more with everyone who will hopefully, find it useful. So here it goes. Most are taken from my personal messages/notes in Messenger. (Yep, I am sending myself a lot of private messages)

Technical features:

  • Saving the most clicked (creation of function)
  • Modal and email notification when there is a page visitor
  • Email subscription for a user
  • Internationalization – be able to select a language (ding ding ding! dibs on this feature!)
  • Make headline clickable and display image
  • Steal Spotify’s UI


  • DNS as a Wikepedia / Dictionary / Encyclopedia reader

Imaginary URL paths:

TLDR; here is a notion.so page that I have made public just for reference.

I’ll close this entry for now. There is just too much info here. Let me see if I can start working and try to push some features today while my work laptop hasn’t arrived yet.

Best regards,



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