Dailynewsound’s next moves and more…

Hello world, once again and…

First of all, yes. You see it above and I know how much we value our time most, especially for our ourselves and with our loved ones! Spread the love y’all!

A bunch of things come into mind (while waiting for my work laptop to arrive) when I think of improvements to dNs (or Dns, DnS – just want to come up with a cool abbreviation). Here is a list of things I have come across recently:

  1. Google TTS – I have tried the demo and it rocks
  2. AWS Polly – I have used it before and looking how to integrate it to the premium feature of DNS
  3. Azure TTS – I have tried the demo and it also rocks
  4. Talked to a person who seems like a marketing expert in a FB startup group (based in PH). We will have some kinda business strategy discussion on the 29th for DNS.
  5. Tech stacks I watched and found interesting in articles and in Youtube: Web3, blockchain, NFTs (creating and minting your own NFTs)

DNS Features I would implement in the coming days:

  1. Terms and Conditions + Privacy Policy modal
  2. Responsive UI to show better image in the modal/subwindow
  3. Tasker [Good to have] lets users create a Trello-like task appender and have it TTS-read sequentially
  4. Explainer [Good to have] is similar to # 3 and it TTS-reads a blog hosted in DNS
  5. Seeker [Pleasant to have] is a scrollbar that displays the post being shown in relation to the number of post array

Just dropping by for a quick update and advanced greeting 😀



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