Social media effects

What is the main Problem we have in social media?

Social media doesn’t allow people to say things privately to the user themselves. I think this is the main cause of depression and insecurities among people. It is simply an open book of the person’s life. There isn’t any explicit private wall or space reserved for the user for their own thoughts and opinions. There is no outlet of anger, malice, or anything not appropriate that the public would be willing to put up.

This begs the question, is social media really for everyone? Not every person can reply to posts or articles for the fear of being ridiculed or bashed by other nonchalant users who are the typical “keyboard warriors”. Moreover, there are tons of people out trolling than speaking the truth. Not all people have the confidence and knowledge to back up their statements in social media posts which prompts the truthful or non-confident people to just read, watch, or simply to say it only towards themselves – this could be lost valuable data and human reaction that could only be lost. Or they simply, are not comfortable showing their opinions openly and won’t simply “go down” to the commenter’s level.

It doesn’t cares about what people say, EVERYTHNG they CAN say, publicly or privately.

Storytime: I was an introverted guy from elementary until I reach college. I would not say much and be embarrassed about weird and funny thoughts that I could have shared in every conversation. It seems it is only important to speak opinions the thing you have to say is important. And most of the time, those people are the leaders or the “courageous” type or the most aged and well-experienced in the group. I remember my friends calling me out openly during drinking sessions with them saying, “Hey Gio, why haven’t you said anything yet” to which I respond that I just feel tired, which is partly true; I’ve always felt that I don’t belong to any specific group of people, like an outsider (this topic should be in a different story). I resonate with the phrase from a song, “I got opinions that don’t matter. I’ve got a brain with the size of pancake batter”. It seems I am only concerned with my opinions and self-talk when someone is there to intently listen and give valuable feedback.

I was only talkative to some groups of certain people or better yet, to a single friend.

Sometimes I feel my opinions will not matter much to people when I say. This happened in the past when I said something I thought was very valuable or impactful and yet, no one really gave any care about it. Ever since I have always tried to keep it only to myself and it is almost unbearable given that it could feel like you are about to explode. I sometimes think that I just need to refine what I have to say first and be more sincere with my words and thoughts before really putting them out there.

Most of the time, I would really feel bad about myself and won’t be able to say anything. my outlet would be to listen to soft and sad music to ease myself out of the unhappiness, disappointments, and frustrations.

On rare occasions, I feel valued when I speak to really good people who genuinely listened.

I also feel like expressing myself through an art form like drawing, painting, or music.

What I target to achieve with Dailynewsound

I would like to let people value their thoughts more and to think that it is still valuable, no matter how adverse, counter-intuitive, or ecstatic their ideas are. The reason for this is so they can help themselves push their thoughts forward into action. Simple shedding a sentiment for any given thought could be insightful and highly valuable to one’s self.

I would like to help people move with their positive thoughts.

I want to make people feel that they are not out of place or feeling left out.

I would like to inspire people that it’s okay to be vulnerable with your thoughts accept facts about life and be able to move past the negativity and adverse situations around.

One cool idea is connecting people with similar thoughts, temperaments, and perspectives in life. And if they are the opposite sex, they can probably go on a date.

I’ll continue moving along with these thoughts and come up with an MVP on top of the Newsreader app.




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