Big Data (not a buzzword, anymore)

Big Data is not a buzzword anymore. Nowadays, companies are looking to take advantage of large datasets available in their disposal. Domains that enter this practice range from telcos to food and retail to aggregate data and seemingly make sense of data using powerful machine learning tools and algorithms. It’s now safer to say that Big Data and Data Science jobs are quickly rising in popularity and demand.

One thing that would stand out as a Big Data professional in their resume, is experience with Hadoop, a distributed data computing tool run in load balancing cluster of servers that work harmoniously together. A common scenario to demonstrate its capability is to compare it with the traditional relational database which has limited space and computing power. Let’s say you have 1GB of data to store in MySQL installed in a desktop PC for a month in production. As the business grows, there is a need to upgrade the hard disk to 10GB, 100GB, 1TB and so on. This would require buying additional storage and migration of data as needed as time goes. Unlike this approach, Hadoop environment allows the use of commodity hardware/servers to be readily connected in parallel to do all the computation of data, memory usage and disk space, instead of using just a single machine. This allows better performance and purchase of cheaper commodity hardware for scaling the business.

In line with this, I will be sharing all my notes from my research and study of Big Data, which started in 2016. Will keep you posted. Hopefully, the posts will be useful and interesting to those who need a quick overview of the value this technology promises in the real-world.

August 2018 Developer Introspect

For a few months since the start of the year, I have been juggling with commitments laid out to me by work, relationships and life in general. It seems that I haven’t really gotten enough of peace of mind and time to step back at what life has been giving to me on both good and bad ends. Looking through them thoroughly, I would’ve gained more perspective and assert myself with hope and acceptance to keep going. It seems that I have struggled less and lost a little bit of fire in me. Being able to live comfortably, gaining some amount of entitlement and respect are results of learning and experiencing challenges from my past. What I come to realise right now is that I cannot simply accept a feeling of adequacy and complacency in my life. I want to battle it out a bit more and challenge myself more to improve or at least, maintain the work ethic I have always set myself to. With this, I would like to share my sentiments on working with my current company, USTG and how it has affected me positively and adversely.

What can I say, it’s a great IT company, as a whole. There will be times you will get enough credit from a successful deployment and features you’re able to push through production. Behind this, there is a diverse number of teams where you can be part of. I’m blessed to be part of all the teams I have been with so far given the multiple responsibilities you can be assigned to (e.g. development, client-facing, admin, bug fixing, mentoring, etc.). There are also averagely placed processes you must steadily follow that is dictated by the account and project managers. After quite some time last year, I’ve realised that there is a lack of technical depth and discussion happening in between teams. Daily stand ups become a bland routine discussing the TODO’s mostly, but not seeing much value and fulfilment in them. The enhancements become focused in the business part instead of innovation. Moreover, legacy systems cannot keep up with new technologies coming out. I have to agree at some point with the saying, “Don’t fix it if it’s not broken” but that could poison our minds that being average is enough (it isn’t for me at least). On a side note though, if you’re a bit careful, all these triumphs and failures will grant you some humility but might lower your drive.

I started reading my old blogs and saw how technically articulate and curious I had been in the early days as developer in 2015. What is sad right now is that in order to be really successful, you have to be be a better version of your self but that’s not what seeing I am now. I may be deluded by my thoughts since I’ve been working for quite some time there but daily struggles (renting/commuting, pleasing my family/gf, child support) are what has become my main concerns rather than innovating. Moreover, distractions (e.g. social media, tech news, Youtube, material things, etc.) add up to all of that, now that I have become more financially stable. It may also attribute to the salary raise I got which is quite substantial, which allowed me to buy things I want and even treat my family expensive dinners from my own pocket. With that bumped up salary though, I was able to afford living on my own in my father’s invested property and buy a refurbished 2015 13″ MBP which I consider, are so-so achievements; purchasing your own place and turning it to a renting gig while utilising the Mac operating system to build Swift applications and publishing it in the App Store are way way better goals.

But wait, I could think through some side projects I have been doing such as an online shop and a monitoring mobile app. But for some reason, I am still feeling a bit lacking since I’m now using my experience to build it and not innovating enough. Any skilled developer can build or code their own mobile/web app. Maybe completing them could also give a sense of achievement since they can end up as passive income generators. Maybe, I am gaining an entrepreneurial spirit and building something for myself could be what I am looking for at this point. People can change and see more of what they can take from life.

Maybe, I need to make more time in posting here and be able to assess my current situation from time to time. This could act as a therapeutic activity I need to engage in aside from participating in weekly basketball with high school friends.

Whatever it is I am going through right now, I won’t be contented as long as I keep moving and struggling, in a bad or good way. Settling down is also not a good option in 20’s and especially 30’s, unless you put yourself in a good place where you won’t have financial woes, such as winning the lottery. And a lot of younger people now, will start looking up to you and being a nice person not expecting much in return is highly expected of you as you grow more influential to nearby family and peers.

That’s all for now. Let’s all keep hustling.


2018 – how has it been so far

Thoughts rush like strong turbulence thinking how life-changing events went on from exactly a year from now. Firstly I met and started dating a wonderful girl towards end of April who will remain nameless for now. Secondly, there were a lot of hurdles for a whole year long in terms of managing work, love and life ambitions for a 30 year old IT professional; it hasn’t been easy of course. Thirdly, I was able to practice and teach mobile computing and Android development for senior highschool (K-12) students. Lastly, I’ve found new heroes, notable self-actualized “virtual” people anyone can idolize for any context at any point in their lives. The list include: Kaushik Gopal and Dan Felker (Fragmented android podcast), Marcus Aurelius (stoicism and the Meditations book), Wil Dasovic (YouTuber), Patrick Shyu (team lead YouTube channel), David Fox (devRant app creator), Yuna (dark pop band) and many more. Note that they are virtual since they are not directly related or a personal friend to me but they have inspired me to be become a more happy, innovative, smart, contented and hardworking man; they are just great talented individuals. Again, I won’t go really deep in any of these topics right now. Instead I would like to focus on the now. And as usual, I want to keep this direct and short.

Today has been productive. I was able to attend a Ruby (40th) year ceremony of ECES, the organization I became active in as a student. I watched as the org positions are being being handed down to next org leaders. More importantly, interacting with some faculty members (Engr. Oswald Sapang), past board leaders (Engr. Johnny Sy) and students gave me sense of pride and honor to be part of the former consecutive number one org in the whole university, as well as influential alumni group I am now part of. I will always come back to these roots to reconnect and to remind myself of how blessed I am and how each of us should go on and continue to pursue our passions for the love of our Lord above, aside from family and friends.

I could go on and on with my thoughts here all day but I need to get back to the grind later and sleep for now. I am just excited of the challenges life will throw at me. My prayer before I sleep will also go out to my loved ones and friends I haven’t reconnected for quite some time. For now, let’s keep positive and always remember that life is a big puzzle. Each day we find different bits and pieces to fit in our world to make us happier and complete. And lastly, that life is not a race, but a marathon. Let’s keep our pace and live each moment with grace and humility. God bless everyone.

Take care and I’m out,


Reviewing for an OCA exam

One of the important aspects of being a software developer is to have a firm grasp and mastery of your chosen tool. Although many would consider that there may be better things to do like studying new tools related to the current project you’re handling which is necessary most of the time, studying and taking a certification for a legacy technology of your choice give you depth and solid fundamentals of programming. I, in particular have been aspiring to take Oracle 1Z0-808 exam which is for Java 8 Oracle Certified Associate (OCAJP). To learn more, here is a link of a recent passer of the exam. You may consider everything he/she has written if you want to take the same exam.


Fatter me

Hi! It’s been a while since my last post. I am now connected with UST Global, a US-based company. I have been working there since April 25 of last year as a software developer after my contract ended April 8 as a contractor for Talas Data Intelligence, Inc. No turning back and regrets so far on my current track, handling a web app for a renowned US-based client in the field of retail.

This is a fatter me since I transferred to the new work. 

This post is not about how the dietary changed but more of announcing where I work now. That’s all. Thank you very much.


Endless ~ Announcement of gravitational waves

I’m really excited of how this discovery will harness the possibilities of mankind in creating equipment/devices/machinery/gadgets by propagating and reproducing/replicating the energy from the gravitational waves. As per announcement (, this could open doors to not only improving people’s lives (3D mode of transportation on earth IMHO) but also for innovations like time travel, dynamics of outer space and reaching places to discover extra-terrestrials and witness mankind’s greatest potentials.


Future and Possibilities

I’ve always trusted what technology can do to mankind in both simple and profound ways. To give an update of what is happening with regards to my career and technology I’ve been handling since January, I’ve committed to learning Scala and Apache Spark in Big Data field. Just to give a brief description of the organization I’m part of today,  crunching the numbers for customer needs is the main task. The more numbers passed into visualization and presented, the more the revenue. At the advent of this field specifically in Machine Learning, there are endless of possibilities of what the numbers can be used via high processing machines to aid the needs of man even further. I’ve also been somehow sparking some interest with electronics again (since I’ve had some electronics background way back) and here are some almost Sci-Fi realizations and possibilities of what I ought to conceive of the Future:

Phase 1: Uploadable Self-Replicating Conscience

  • In the future we might encounter this concept of a voluntary program for a person to undergo monitoring of his/her habits, instincts and stimuli in the real world. Once data is recorded via visual and audio sensor, the result will be converted into an image file (probably an ISO, LOL) and uploaded into cloud. I’ve come to think of how the data structure would be composed of, but the contents will be analyzed and patterned after an existing service for measuring and analyzing human psychological and biological traits. This will in turn be allowed for public use. Imagine the conversational skills/tone and actions of well-known figures like 0b4m4 or Just1n B5ib5r being done by bots or even by a log-in website/interface!!!. It’s like creating billions of Siri for anyone to talk to and experience the actual person in real-time. The danger to this however, is for dupes to take over the real person by using important information against him. Security measures have to come first to prevent this.

Phase 2: Ownership of bots

  • Humans can have lazy traits by nature and having someone else to do mundane tasks for them is a solution that could be done with the use of bots. However, this is just the start. What if bots can be reprogrammed and perform tasks for wealth accumulation and have them take over our very own professions? Would that be fair to do those who won’t have and would more bots amount to more cash-generating results? How will security be addressed?

I’ve yet to research on the actual movement on these ideas but I’ll do some soon once I get free time. My friend told me that if you’ve thought of it right now, then somebody might have also thought of it but haven’t done it yet. That’s all for now. Take care and God bless!