My daily struggles

My problem

I have a habit of browsing through social media sites (Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter) and my email (both personal and work) 40-50% of my time while I am awake during the day. When I get caught by my wife, she would tend to almost always scold me making me feel worse because I knew that our main tasks during the day will get affected by it. This is on top of work and other distractions I consume during the day.

What stops me

I wake up every day and have different moods depending on what I did the night before. For example, if I watched a movie, I just feel guilt and there is a laziness streak that comes along with it the morning after. Another factor that affects me is what I ate the night before. Usually, if I consume alcohol, it makes me hyper during that night but I end up with a heavy head and aching the next morning. At times, I consume sweets and I also get the feet aches and guilt. There is just a lot of bad things that could happen the night before and it really depends on the person on when he/she becomes productive or how to activate that part of their lives.

In my wife’s parent’s house where we currently live, another thing that stops me is the distractions throughout the day. Once my wife decides to turn on Netflix or Youtube on the TV, there is basically no going back. On top of that, I get to use my phone instantly to browse on FB, Twitter, or my email while watching a movie or video loaded on the big screen. (Talking about dual distractions at one point in time) It is just multi-tasking of distractions. And I always feel the guilt after.

I also notice that I am distracted by myself with the “woulda, coulda, shoulda” mindset that I always place my thoughts into. I mean it’s not bad to be ambitious and dream big but I get distracted by what I can do in the future that I am thinking of preparing myself for today. I do these continuous mindsets, daydreaming of the human problems and how I want to solve them with the help of social media to involuntarily find a solution there while my mind is drifting and drifting further to other things I see, read, browse, and watch. I fail to notice that FB is already feeding me unnecessary crap like funny videos, fake or unimportant celebrity news, or simple other tech innovations that give me a FOMO (fear of missing out) feeling. I just cannot stick to what I need to focus on. There is just a lot of stuff out there that I am curious to know and 99.99% of them don’t have anything to do with improving my life.

The other thing I think is a big factor is how I have other responsibilities as an adult to my kid, my wife’s parents, their house, and my wife. There is just a big downside with a work-from-home setup where you are always expected to be productive on both ends – the work itself and the household chores. (men can mostly relate)

How do I plan to fix it

I cannot discuss this at the moment because I don’t see any change that can happen with the main activities during the day. The only thing I can discuss is how I can carve a good habit of following a strict night and morning routine. Not to mention, I need to follow a stricter diet by consuming less rice, fat, and high sugar foods.

Once that J&T package arrives, I can finally use the yoga mat and exercise attires to do insanity exercise in the morning. I think this will increase my energy during the day and have more patience with my wife and kid in dealing with their problems.

How I see myself in the future

I would like to have my future older self thank my current self for the things he did to have a better peaceful life, family relationships, and aspirations.

That’s all for now!



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