Dailynewsound pivot (Jan. 22, 2022)

Short description

It is an app that lets people read articles or statements and have them say what they want to say privately and publicly. Public, this works the same way as Reddit, or any social media platform out there. Privately, the user can keep a list of thoughts or microblogs (similar to Twitter) that they can come back to anytime.

Future Features

  1. Record user voice and convert them into text
  2. Translates texts into other languages
  3. Easy-to-use and navigation through sitemap
  4. Merge texts
  5. Listen using text-to-speech with realistic voice sounds
  6. AI-enabled Sentiment scoring
  7. User metrics for positivity or negativity
  8. User metrics for introversion and extraversion

Time to get my hands dirty and decide on the domain design

Here is what I have come up with so far (as of January 28, 2022)

  1. User –can have multiple Collections
  2. Collection – domain for content itself in multiple forms (blog, reviewer, tutorials/guides, curriculum, anything informative); can have multiple Posts
  3. Profile – user’s profile; can have multiple Comments
    • This domain provides a key role in separating and distinguishing the User
    • In it, the points are provided and based on the number of public or private comments, this determines whether the user is introverted or extroverted
    • Also based on the sentiment points of the Comments for the user, it is determined whether the user is leaned towards positivity, neutrality or negativity
  4. Post – domain for an entry in a collection; can have multiple Comments
  5. Comment – domain from another User
  6. Username – domain to identify unique user name (all users have unique user names)
  7. Article – domain for a given content that can be saved as Collection
  8. Image – a field under Post containing metadata for image


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