Dec. 7, 2021 – My Desk Setup

My Desk Setup

This can be a life changer for corporate boys like me. I know tons of other people working on desk jobs during the work from home have set this up neatly during their own time to boost their productivity. This is exactly what everyone needs to get into that state of mindfulness (not to mention, quick physical exercise like push ups and lunges) aside from coffee in the morning.

Take a look at the first iteration.

It has a monitor riser that is now holding my laptop in place. The cabinets can accommodate stuffs that could clutter a person’s desk so easily such as coffee maker and gadget peripherals such as chargers and phone cases. It is entirely up to the person on whatever he/she would prefer. For me, I also added a clip lamp for late night reading.

There are some improvements to plan about like a desk mat and a mechanical keyboard (here and another one both from Shopee).

That’s all for now! Will put another entry once improvements happen again in the future.



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